The Immaculate Conception uniform reflects the Catholic values and self discipline that are emphasized and developed in our school.  All of these guidelines help ensure a focused and successful school year.  As parents it is your responsibility to ensure your child is following these guidelines on a daily basis.  All uniforms must be purchased at CKW.  All uniforms must be in good condition and fit properly (no baggy clothing).


  1. Grades TK-8:  CKW navy shorts or long pants with navy polo shirt w/school logo.
  2. Belt that fits correctly at the waist
  3. Boys may wear plain white or black mid calf crew socks with no logos.


  1. Grades TK-4:  CKW plaid jumper with white Peter Pan blouse w/navy piping.
  2. Grades 4-8: CKW plaid skirt with white oxford blouse. Skirts may not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee and the waistband may not be rolled.
  3. Girls must wear bicycle type shorts under their skirt and jumper at all times.
  4. Girls may wear mid calf or knee high socks in white, black, or navy.  They may also wear white or black tights on cold days.


  1. Only solid black or white athletic shoes with no accents – no high tops.
  2. All shoe laces must be black or white to coordinate with the shoes.
  3. Black Mary Jane and saddle oxford style shoes may be worn by the girls.
  4. No patent leather shoes may be worn.
  5. No shoes with wheels, lights, designs or characters may be worn.
  6. No slip on shoes, boots, sandals or open toed shoes may be worn.
  7. Shoes with high heels are not acceptable at any time.

P.E. Uniform

  1. Royal P.E. shorts and gray PE t-shirt w/school logo.
  2. Navy sweatshirt w/logo and navy sweatpants may be worn on cold P.E. days.
  3. Sweatpants may not be worn under the school skirt and shorts may not be worn on top of sweatpants.
  4. Only current school year festival t-shirt may be worn.


  1. A plain white turtle neck shirt or white t-shirt may be worn under the uniform on cold days only.
  2. Only the CKW navy cardigan sweater or school jacket w/school logo may be worn.
  3. Current 8th grade jackets may be worn by 8th grade students only.  Jackets from past 8th grade classes may not be worn at any time.
  4. Socks must be worn at all times including free dress days.
  5. No eye make-up, blush or lip gloss, etc. may be worn.
  6. No nail polish, acrylic or false nails, designs on nails, tattoos (permanent or temporary), body art, bandanas, perfume or cologne may be worn at any time.

Mass Uniform

  1. Boys Grades TK-8 must wear long navy pants and white oxford shirt with uniform tie.
  2. Girls Grades TK-4 must wear the jumper with white Peter Pan blouse w/navy piping and the criss-cross uniform tie.
  3. Girls Grades 5-8 must wear the skirt and white oxford blouse with uniform tie.
  4. All grades may wear the navy w/logo school vest or sweater if needed. Sweatshirts are not acceptable.


  1. Girls may wear one pair of post type earrings. No hoops or dangling earring may be worn.
  2. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings at any time.
  3. Only one religious necklace/bracelet may be worn underneath the school uniform.
  4. One plain watch with no games or music may be worn.
  5. No bracelets, wrist bands, friendship bracelets(besides religious)  may be worn except for medical reasons.
  6. Rings are not allowed.
  7. Watches and jewelry must not be a distraction to the student or teacher or it will be confiscated.


  1. Hair should be neatly combed and groomed at all times.
  2. Bangs may not cover eyes at any time.
  3. Boys must have a short neatly cut style. Hair must be cut around the ears. Ears and neckline must be showing at all times.
  4. No dyed, highlighted, bleached or colored hair.
  5. No spiked hair, extensions or extreme styles may be worn at any time.
  6. Small, simple hair accessories may be worn. Accessories must match the school uniform

To view and purchase uniforms, please go to CKW. 


IC STEM Academy
726 S Shamrock Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016
Office: (626) 358-5129

School Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday:
7:30 am – 5:30 pm


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