Gradelink is the system we use to provide parents with information on how their children are performing. Gradelink is also now available for online enrollment (see below).  We highly encourage parents to monitor their children’s progress by checking Gradelink once a week. Spend 10 minutes with your child and discuss their strengths and also the areas for improvement. Encourage your child to take the ownership and pride of their progress. To access Gradelink, click here or on the logo to the left.

Click here to see the Gradelink video tutorial for Parents.

Online Enrollment

Gradelink is now available for online enrollment.  This will significantly reduce paperwork for parents and help the school maintain accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Parents of returning students:  Access online enrollment through your regular Gradelink login.
  • Parents of new students:  Please click here to create a Gradelink account and enroll your child.
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