Good afternoon I.C. parents,

For First and second grade families only:

We are done with STAR TESTING, yay!!! The children did a great job working hard getting all the STAR testing finished. I will give out the STAR results next parent teacher meeting.

This week we are going to use the school’s new lab tops for Coding. The students have been coding but it has been a little limited with my two in class computers. I feel the students are now more responsible and fully aware on how to use a lab top properly. I feel teaching the children how to code is very important because coding is the way we tell computers to do all the helpful things they do for us. From finding a contact on your cell phone, to directing a rocket in space. Coders (programmers) write codes to make our computers and devices work properly. Once your child learns the basics they can build up to bigger projects. I am very excited to introduce coding to the children.

(First Grade) I found the BOB book’s series at Costco for $10.99 each series. Each series contains ten books with work pages. The books are perfect for home or school.  If you need hours, I would not say no to your donation of BOB books:) thank you.;)

For third grade only:

This week please have your student study Vocabulary unit 13 and spelling words for quiz on Friday, January 27.

I would like to apologize for the spelling list mix up for the fourth grade testers. I was feeling under the weather and made a error with the list. SORRY fourth grade testers. On a better note, The children still did very well on their spelling quiz. I’m so proud of them.

For everyone:

I will accept the school wide Science projects on Friday, Jan. 27 for extra credit.  IF your child has already turned in a Science lesson that was due December 6, you do not have to participate in the school wide Science fair. If your child has not turned in a Science lesson, your child must turn in a school wide Science project by January 27.

The children had a great time and learning experience with the engineering lesson. I will continue to teach the children about engineering throughout the year. We had a great time.

I have attached this week’s homework packet and spelling words below.

Thank you for all your support.

Have a blessed week,
Mrs. Avitia

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